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Some thoughts on OneUI 2.0

Originally posted on Reddit

I got OneUI 2.0 on my S10e 2 days ago and so far it's fine. Not overly impressed, but no device breaking bugs or stuff (which sadly isn't 100 percent go be expected nowadays)

The animations are really nice but a bit slow. 0,75x speed would make them look a lot smoother. Right now it looks like the phone is already getting older which is definitely not the case.

Application switch is amazing now! It should have been like this from the start. Just keep on swiping on the navbar to keep changing further. That's such a great feature.

The new bubble notifications are kind of a mixed bag. For Messenger (WhatsApp, Threema, …) Group chats it doesn't show the group in the bubble, just the person writing, which is very confusing. Especially if you are on multiple groups with the same people.

And then the bubble also shows less text, which on one hand may be nice, since it takes up less space on the top and is thus less intrusive. But on such a massive phone I seldomly have much important stuff up there anyway. And I can actually read the message in the bubble without interacting. Right now it can barely fit Names on it if I have multiple chats.

The different size fonts instead of boldening is also kinda weird, as it takes up more space, but doesn't convey more or better information.

Sorting silent notifications to the very bottom in their own dismissable group is also kinda weird. I get where they're coming from, but I'd rather manually sort apps into importance groups. Since it also counts a lot of media controls as silent to the very bottom and some unimportant ones. But a lot of unimportant ones are also in the upper sections…

Some settings have changed. The Battery level tracker is amazing. I have wished for something like this for multiple generations. The Concentration mode in combination with digital health is also an amazing tool, since I have both work and private stuff on this phone.

And then the fixable: I really hope Goodlock gets its updates soon, as I really hate the clock on the "wrong" left side and loosing the choice of icons in the top right corner.

TL;DR: 8/10. Notifications were better in 1.0, the rest has gotten a bit better or is fixable soon.