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05.06.2023: OSM Diary: Mapping the Weinsberger Berge

Inspired by Tom7 to go outside more, I set myself the goal of biking every Forestpath between Weinsberg and Heilbronn, before I will be moving avay in the Summer.

01.07.2022: Controlling OpenAutoPro with Volvo RTI IR-Remote

Using my original 2007 Volvo RTI Remote to control OpenAutoPro on a Raspberry Pi.

27.06.22: Automatic Number Plate Recognition 1: OpenALPR

In the first article of this series I will be looking at OpenALPR. The software is easy to use, comes with compiled binaries for windows and doesn't need a fancy GPU or anything like that. It also has bind ins for python and Go, which would ease integration into a live system.

27.06.22: Automatic Number Plate Recognition 0: Can't be that hard, right?

The start of a number plate nerd trying to teach his rpi to remember all the other cars. ANPR is surely a solved problem by now, right?

11.05.22: Android 11 Eduroam without gededuroam App

Since Android 11 the manual way of adding the Eduroam network requires more input. The official solution, the geteduroam app, is a horrible mess that I don't want to use.

08.05.22: Docker IPv6 Userland Proxy

Some interesting information about the Docker IPv6 Userland Proxy and how to better use it, despite Docker's horrible implementation.

22.04.22: Nginx Proxy from Scratch

Setting up an Nginx Reverse-Proxy from bare Nginx with certificates and automatic renewal.